Bedroom Artists remixing Jean Jacques Perrey & CosmicPocket

If you haven't noticed yet :
Himuro, Subjex, Thiaz Itch and Tep have remixed the legendary 80+ years old pioneer of electronic music Jean Jacques Perrey as a celebration of his new full length with french artist CosmicPocket. Out now on InVitro Records. These remixes are included in a totaly massive compilation gathering 29 talented remixers :

Candie Hank, Fulgeance, Kelpe, Slugabed, Team Doyobi, Jega, Eero Johannes, Wankers United, Mesak, Beige, Thiaz Itch, Michael Fakesch, Freeform, Mochipet, Subjex, Himuro, Com.A, Wevie Stonder, Gangpol Und Mit, People Like Us & Ergo Phizmiz, Ebola, Le Couteau Jaune, Okapi, Osymyso, Tep, Animals On Wheels, Takeshi Muto, Cupp Cave, Cursor Miner.