Defunkt Dialekt EP Released !! (BR028)

The threat is coming from Birmingham! Defunkt Dialekt is delivering with this self titled EP a totaly mind blowing crossover of IDM, Dubstep and Hard breaks. Like SI-Begg meets MonsterX and Eight Frozen Modules. Awesome sound design and rich textures, that's some hard electronic music with a sharp sense of details. 5 dark, hard hitting and ultra technical tunes to rinse industrial dancefloors. Suitable for home or warehouse use.

Himuro Yoshiteru - 7th Shape Shifting NEW ALBUM

The over talented Himuro gratifies us for our very first "for cash" release with a mindblowing full length that is a concentrated juice of almost all kinds of electronica's sub-genres : from dubstep, wonky'hop to techno, drill'n bass, glich'hop. This is an almost exhaustive exercise done with both inspiration and technical maestria.

A totaly unique sense of melody, complex arrangements, top notch sound design, banging dancefloor tunes and intimate ambiences.... If you were looking for freshness, new horizons, references to your favourite music and quality production : you have it all !

Mormo - Epicurean Swerve (BR025) Released !

Bedroom Research is proud to announce the release of BR025, a new very high quality number from Holland's Mormo. Epicurean Swerve is a deep, mind twisting and immersive album. Tomasz Kaye, aka Mormo, builds truly beautiful pieces of abstraction spiced with funky synth stabs, basses and ethereal melodies. You might detect wafts of Autechre or Phoenecia coming from this kitchen, but you won't feel like you're eating the same meal again. This is a rich, lush sounding work that will catch your attention and hold it. The more you revisit Epicurean Swerve, the more it reveals its hidden flavors. Mormo is definitely the chef in his kitchen. Enjoy and spread the news !