Michael Valentine West awesome experimental Funk LP is out!

I'm totally psyched to finally release this awesome LP. This may passionate people that loved the underground Synthpop and Funk scenes from the 80s, but "Pucker Up" is going even further with adding a good bunch of glitchy edits and electronica tricks. The most striking component remains the totally ace and perverse, yet catchy lyrics, sang in quite of a Prince fashion, and that will crack you up on several occasions, if you are of the sexually active kind at least. My bet is DSK was blasting some MVW in his hotel room when everything happened... ;)

Qebrus - Exophobia debut LP launched!

In 1977, Humans decided to send "the sounds of earth" golden plated vinyls into space, via Voyager1 & 2 shuttles, with the hope of reaching alien intelligences...and... they just aswered!