BR interviewed by IGLOO mag

Matthieu Debliqui (aka Subjex and Bedroom Research label-operator) dissects the inner-workings of this multifaceted experimental electronic imprint—now in its 10th year—and offers listeners/fans some insight about where it’s been and where it’s headed.

"We exist mainly by and for our audience and artists, nothing too exotic here I guess. The label is not the “star,” it’s just a medium and a sort of indication, like a red label on quality food products: you may choose to trust it but at the end you buy the tasty food, not the sticker."

OUT NOW! Amazing collab between Qebrus and Val Drakes!

WOW! What a duo!" Richard Devine
"idmic dusbtep flavoured glitch hip idm funcktronix Dub hop ambientized shit"
Roel Funcken (Funckarma)
"I knew their collab would be something killer, but this is over my expectations!"
" Perfect mutant idm for breakfast , exactly what I needed to fight my hangover today "

2 of the most looked after revelations of today's "IDM" scene gather for a powerful sound-design and wave crushing bliss.