Clytem Scanning

Clytem Scanning
City Paris
Country France
Years active Since 2006


Clytem Scanning is a Paris-Based singer-songwriter and programmer. She started to create her one-woman band in 2006, alone in her room, amidst Midi synths and computers. Like in her former projects, the rock-metal band Shane Cough or the colorful electrodancefloor Fatale, her voice still remains very strong, fluctuating between abrasive and velvety.

Clytem Scanning composes a very personal music, which is a playful mix of beat driven melodies filled with dark ambiances. The songs combine either electro-pop melodies with jaunty rythmics and light-hearted vocals or unsettling and dark compositions with throbbing backbeats. Both alternate to create a very mesmerizing and unique universe, made of tiny shrieks and imaginative lyrics. Her startling and expressive voice is each time put front and centre.

To sum-up her strange universe, she refers to The Residents for the experimental pop music, to Arthur Russel for the hypnotic textures, to Coil for the eerie and cold sounds and for all the rest to Pj Harvey, Mike Patton, Planningtorock and Tricky.

Her songs tell stories about dark creatures living in water, spooky animals hiding in the shade. It is organic and elemental. Music and art seem totally intertwine. She makes collages and videos under the (other) pseudonym of Miss Lois Iron. Very similar to her music, her art is made of bits and fragments, weaved together in the intimacy of the bedroom.

Albums (1)
Clytem Scanning
Clytem Scanning
Released 2010
Format Download
Type EP
Price 0.00 €
Cat N BR024


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