Sky Open To Those Who Have Wings

Sky Open To Those Who Have Wings


The BedroomResearch family is proud to welcome a new son! 26 years old producer and sound student from UK: Valance Drakes (also known under the "Muss_ck" acronym). He could be considered as being part of what seems to be « IDM 2.0 », a new breed of the glitchy, deep and processed “hiphopish” electronica we used to see (and love) coming from labels such as Schematic, Warp, Werk, etc.

Valance Drakes, shows a fascination for ethereal and sub-aquatic ambiances overlapping a detailed and soulfoul glitch knitting work topped by proto-hiphop beats and broken glass grooves from space, delivering in the process a full psychoacoustic experience... A kind of SciFi nostalgic crunk from Venus, somewhere between Prefuse73, Lukid, Slicker, Jake Mandell, Astrobotnia and Flying Lotus with a lot of spices and freshness. He is also to drop quite soon some new bombs with our mates of Schematic and Detroit Underground, so stay tuned!



Released December 2011
Format Download
Type EP
Price 4.00 €
Catalog Number BR038

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