Unseen Intruders


"WOW! What a duo!" Richard Devine

"idmic dusbtep flavoured glitch hip idm funcktronix Dub hop ambientized shit"
Roel Funcken (Funckarma)

"I knew their collab would be something killer, but this is over my expectations!"

" Perfect mutant idm for breakfast , exactly what I needed to fight my hangover today "

2 of the most looked after revelations of today's "IDM" scene gather for a powerful sound-design and wave crushing bliss.

Qebrus's very own alien, ultra technical and autistic approach fuses into Valance Drakes sharply knitted, smooth and ethereal scifi-hop. A combo you probably have dreamt of if you are already familiar with those two talents.If not, imagine a polymorphous schizophrenia bouncing randomly between the minds of Richard Devine, Loops Haunt, Vaetxh, Autechre and Prefuse73!!

Every second is deeply designed for an intricate trip into an unknown alien culture. This Ep is indeed built as a book composed of 3 chapters describing an out of age and out of space alien civilization. Mind intrusion has never been that delightful!


Released October 2012
Format Download
Type EP
Catalog Number BR047



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