Always Starving

Always Starving


"Sh#t! Nasty edits are legion in this hell of a release" Satan
"This stuff knows no bound but i love it" Marquis de Sade
"They play this on loop where i am now" Michael Jackson

Raging debut from french duo Mind Muncher. A hybrid project gathering Alfred Toc's razor sharp editing skills and Sam's chameleon voice for a powerful outcome that doesn't fail to energize, opress and excite with its ever changing structures, constant tension, face slapping breaks and gut friendly basses.

Think about a car full of your "post hardcore death sludge metal" heroes ( They do love stuff like Meshuggah, Cryptopsy, Napalm Death, Mike Patton's projects, etc) crashing on a Bus full of electronic gear stolen from Noisia, Venetian Snares and Igorrr's studio.

It slaps, rattles, scrapes, breaks just how you'll like it if ever you have some love for the aforementioned peeps...


released 19 March 2013
Music: Fred (Alfred Toc)
Lyrics/Singer: Sam

Artwork: Antoine Duthoit


Released March 2013
Format Download
Type EP
Catalog Number BR052




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