Tribal Dances

Tribal Dances


BedroomResearch goes on with exploring the "italian beat scene" this time with northern italy based artist, and Redd Army crew member, Christian Kappah Pevere. Kappah uses his art of sampling and production skills to build both exotic and familiar flavors flying in between Luke Vibert, Rustie and Digi G'Alessio.

A special, irresistible and fully entertaining mixture of funky analog synths, sampling tricks, hip-hop, ethno grooves, musak colors and newschool dancemusic codes. The real forces of those tunes are the perfect control, the spot on simplicity and a genuine imagination that make of this release a rich and delightful trip. This EP is made of 7 hits and you get a remix by Digi G'alessio as a bonus ! Life is good!


Released January 2012
Format Download
Type EP
Catalog Number BR037

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