Himuro Yoshiteru

Himuro Yoshiteru
City Tokyo
Country Japan
WEB myspace.com/himuroyoshiteru


Japanese solo electronic musician Yoshiteru Himuro has been creating music since 1997 and resides in the city of Fukuoka in Japan. Now he's moving to Tokyo city and expanding his music career. He has four releases to date on the UK based Worm Interface Label and his music has been featured on high profile shows such as John Peel's The Peel sessions. His full length CD "Clear without Items" was released on Couchblip! in 2004. His musical influences include '80s game sound, hiphop, '90s acid techno and jungle. "Mild Fantasy Violence" released on Zod in 2005,Himuro manages to create an impressive soundtrack found somewhere between old school video games, hiphop and hyperactive electronica. in 2007 he started his own label TaNGRaM DiSK and released "Welcome myself" that is the work can be called his masterpiece.

Albums (2)
# SONG Album
1 Pay For What 4P Play FILE
2 Password Lost 4P Play FILE
3 Pointing Answer 4P Play FILE
4 Play Until Dying 4P Play FILE
5 1 On 1 7th Shape Shifting
6 Empty Packet Inst 7th Shape Shifting
7 Doublethink 7th Shape Shifting
8 Enjoy Your Bath Time 7th Shape Shifting
9 Shape Of Light 7th Shape Shifting
10 Weekday Music Championship 7th Shape Shifting
11 Empty Packet Feat. FREEZ,BOOTY,NAB 7th Shape Shifting
12 Self Construction 7th Shape Shifting
13 Looking For Treasure Anytime 7th Shape Shifting
14 Realize You Are Living Dead 7th Shape Shifting
15 Future In The Past 7th Shape Shifting
16 I Hear Echoes Of You 7th Shape Shifting
17 Greedy Pigeon 7th Shape Shifting


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