Rewind Beyond

Rewind Beyond


"Pyke makes no secret that Autechre were a key influence, but his equally complex work is utterly distinct thanks to the far more analogue and organic textures he employs. Rewind Below is packed full of Artificial Intelligence series references, from Black Dog Productions Bytesto Arovane ping and delay or Autechre chrome all the way down to Doctor Rockit strangeness.

Or perhaps you’re looking to spiral out to all four corners of the globe in multi-instrumental, genre-splicing fashion, in which case look no further than the multiple-schizophrenic Rewind Beyond. Mouth harp, bells, gamelan, motorcycle engines, xylophones, bouncing balls, the kitchen sink? All here in spades.

Time to look back at how Freeform was looking forward."

James Knapman @ IGLOO Mag


The legendary Freeform aka Simon Pyke (that you probably know for his influencial releases on Warp, Skam, Sub Rosa, Nonplace, Quatermass, Worm Interface) is doing a come back on Bedroom Research for his very last releases ever under this acronym!!

"REWIND" is a retrospective in the shape of 3 albums ( Rewind Below, Rewind Above and Rewing Beyond) each corresponding to a period in Simon's ever evolving discography, ranging from the early 90s to the early 2000s.

A fascinating trip into unheard gems of totally brittish yet global or even interstellar electronica. 100% Freeform inside with the expected unique blend of Traditional "World" Music, FM percussions, IDM, Prepared Instruments, aquatic Jazz, Muzak, Musique Concrete, Funk, etc.

released June 30, 2017

Artwork by Matt Pyke @ Universal Everything

Written/Produced/Performed by Simon Pyke

Restoration/Editing/Mastering by Matt Subjex


Released June 2017
Format Download
Type LP
Catalog Number BR062

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