Brand new Poborsk Lp Preview

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Poborsk Lp Preview (BR055) by Bedroom Research

If you are familiar with Icasea, the great experimental electronica label run by Satoshi Aizawa, Tom Knapp and Alex Peverett (1/2 of Skam veterans Team Doyobi, you probably already know Poborsk's music.

If not: here is something in the line of Autechre and some of Skam's releases: deep, melodical and abstract electronica with an almost non human level of details and technicality, a freestyle approach to arrangements, some "biomechanical" grooves and some really uncanny atmospheres that make you feel like being in a jungle, or a sea, of micro sounds.

A must have for your interstellar travels.

Fade Runner's hot debut LP is coming

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I've just uploaded the preview for Fade Runner's 1st album. F#cking lush funky electro with a strong Skweee influence but not only. You'll find influences from Luke Vibert, Eero Johannes, or even Tipper... some aquatic dubstep-ish loops, a lot of weird and dope analog synth stabs, crispy snares, brain occupying melodies, etc.

And a sick artwork by our usual suspect: PIRATIO !!

Words, words, words.... blablabla, Music here:

CYclic Defrost reviews MindMuncher

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"The overall sound of Always Starving is glitched-out manic intensity, broken into ever-changing structural that hits heavy. It will win over many fans of hardcore thrash music bands to new electronic editing possibilities with its many slippery additions over the top of its double kicking drums, heavy bass and wild guitars.
Highly recommended"


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