BR is getting laid with Detroit Underground - Scifi IDM porn included

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BedroomResearch and Detroit Underground are proud to announce their first collaboration with this mind blowing EP by newcomer from Belgium: Adrien Cornet aka Hosmoz.

4 tracks of pure electronic mayhem, Sci-fi atmospheres and Glitchy maestria in the vein of Richard Devine, MonsterX, Vaetxh or Xanopticon while tinged with the industrial-edged and dancey output of labels such as Combat Recordings or Mutant Sniper. You got it, we are speaking of hard hitting and dark IDM with a sharp focus on sound design.

Food for the feet and the brain that will keep you wondering if your speakers are not in fact Decepticons in disguise.

Kappah - Tribal Dances (BR037) is OUT NOW

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For a limited time you'll be able to get it for free/"name your price" on Bandcamp, what allows you to get the full on quality thanks to FLAC format (exact same quality as wav for those who wonder)...It will of course be downloadable here, as usual, in 320k mp3. Spread love!

New MadHop Vol4 compilation is out!!

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Bedroom Research, Error Broadcast, Plynt, King Deluxe, Vlek, Low Riders and many others gathered their forces to make the new MadHop comp a real banger ... You can download the compilation for the price of your choice! who said Christmas?


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